How to Add Godwoken (pCKB) to MetaMask

3 min readJun 2

Follow these steps for detailed instructions:

Unlock the full potential of your MetaMask wallet with the power of Godwoken. If you’re eager to explore the boundless opportunities offered by the pCKB (Polyjuice CKB) technology, this guide is your gateway. In this article, we will take you on an enlightening journey, step by step, to seamlessly integrate Godwoken into your MetaMask wallet. By harnessing the unparalleled capabilities of Godwoken, you will unlock a whole new dimension of possibilities in the world of decentralized finance. So, fasten your seatbelts and prepare to embark on a transformative adventure that will elevate your MetaMask experience to divine heights.

Step 1: Install MetaMask & Create an Account

If you already have MetaMask installed, you can skip this step. OtherwiseIf you haven’t set up a MetaMask wallet before, please refer to this guide (How to create a MetaMask wallet: step by step guide) for detailed instructions.

Step 2: Click Add Network

Once you have successfully installed MetaMask and created your account, follow these steps:

1- Open your MetaMask wallet extension by clicking on its icon in your browser.

2- Look for the network dropdown box (usually located near the top right corner) and click on it.
3- From the dropdown menu, select “Add Network.” This option allows you to add a custom network to MetaMask.

4- A window will appear, prompting you to enter the details of the Godwoken network manually.

Step 3: Add the Godwoken Network

Enter the following details in the window that appears:

Network Name: Godwoken Mainnet
Network URL:
Chain ID: 71402
Currency Symbol: pCKB
Block Explorer URL:

Note: It is recommended to copy and paste these details instead of typing them manually to avoid any errors.

Once you have entered all the details correctly, click the “Save” button. This will add the Godwoken network to your MetaMask wallet.

After completing these steps, you should now have successfully added the Godwoken (pCKB) network to your MetaMask wallet, allowing you to interact with the Godwoken Mainnet and use pCKB tokens.