Ckb Tokenomics

4 min readApr 14, 2023

The Nervos Info Pill Series — 14

The tokenomics of the Nervos Network’s native token, CKB (short for “Common Knowledge Base”), is designed to balance the needs of security, decentralization, and utility. Here are some key points of the CKB tokenomics:

  • Token supply: The maximum supply of CKB is 33,600,000,000, but the initial supply at launch was 21,000,000,000 CKB. The remaining tokens will be released over the next 34 years through a linear emission schedule.
  • Token distribution: The initial distribution of CKB was done through a combination of public and private sales. A portion of the tokens was reserved for the Nervos Foundation, the team, and early backers, while the rest was made available to the public.
  • Token utility: CKB is the native token of the Nervos Network and is used for several purposes, including:
  • Payment for transaction fees: Users need to pay a certain amount of CKB as a transaction fee to use the Nervos Network.
  • Staking and consensus: CKB holders can participate in the Nervos Network’s Proof of Stake consensus mechanism by staking their tokens to help secure the network and earn rewards.
  • Governance: CKB holders can vote on proposals to change the network’s protocol or parameter settings, such as block size or transaction fees.
  • Token economics: The Nervos Network uses a “store of value” economic model, where CKB is used as a long-term store of value, similar to Bitcoin. The linear emission schedule ensures that the token supply grows at a predictable rate, while the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism incentivizes long-term holding and discourages short-term speculation.
  • Token burning: A portion of the transaction fees paid in CKB is burned, reducing the overall supply of CKB over time. This deflationary mechanism helps to offset the inflationary effect of the linear emission schedule and contributes to the token’s long-term value.

Overall, the CKB tokenomics are designed to create a sustainable and decentralized network that can support a wide range of use cases, from payments to decentralized applications.


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