Finally, An Easy And Cheap Way To Create NFT’s On Cardano

6 min readJan 22, 2022
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Since the NFTmania exploded, creating low-cost NFTs has been a matter of debate. With everyone jumping onto the blockchain in search of monetizing their artworks, it becomes increasingly important to show how things can be done, especially considering that not everyone is a developer or technically skilled.

If you have digital art pieces to show the world and want to sell them in NFT form on Cardano’s blochain network, you’ve come to the right place. Here I will explain you how you can mint all your artworks quickly.

Note that quick is a notion that may differ depending on the time you are reading this article. At the beginning of 2022, the Cardano blockchain suffered from high network congestion, mostly due to an exponential increase in transactions, triggered by the launch of two main DEXs (Muesliswap and SundaeSwap). Such congestion was expected and has as a correction the implementation of the hydra protocol that will take the cardano blockchain to another level, making it the fastest blockchain, capable of processing up to a million transactions per second. Considering Visa processes approximately 24,000 TPS, it’s a massive step up in scalability.

First things first, What Are NFTs?

NFTs are pieces of digital art that live on the blockchain network, which can come in several forms. Some of the most popular types of this digital artwork include memes, video clips, pictures, music, and even tweets.

Now, let’s focus,back to how to create an NFT easily and relatively cheaply on the Cardano Blockchain.

Generate an NFT collection today, using this simple tool.

A while ago I discovered a Cardano Token and NFT Builder created by a full stack developer who according to him, he has been passionate about the ADA eco-system for a while. He created the platform initially for himself, to quickly create NFTs and native token to play around. Then he realized it could be useful for other people who didn’t had the knowledge to run a cardano node or read long documentation. it was therefore a way to combine the useful with the…