How Does Rent Works on the Nervos Network

4 min readApr 14, 2023

The Nervos Info Pill Series — 6

The Nervos Network’s rent model is designed to ensure the long-term sustainability of the network by preventing blockchain bloat and incentivizing users to maintain the network’s storage capacity.

In the Nervos Network, the rent is a fee that users pay to store data on the blockchain. This fee is calculated based on the amount of storage space used by the data, as well as the length of time the data is stored on the network.

When a user wants to store data on the Nervos Network, they must first pay an initial fee, known as the deposit. This deposit is stored in a special account on the network, and the user can withdraw it at any time.

To ensure that the network’s storage capacity remains available for new data, the rent fee increases over time. This means that if a user wants to keep their data on the network for an extended period, they will need to pay additional rent fees to maintain their storage space.

If a user fails to pay the rent fee, their data is removed from the network, and their deposit is used to cover the cost of storage. This helps to prevent blockchain bloat and ensures that the network’s storage space remains available for new data.

Overall, the rent model in the Nervos Network is designed to create a sustainable blockchain ecosystem by incentivizing users to maintain the network’s storage capacity and prevent blockchain bloat.


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