How Secure is the Nervos Network

4 min readApr 14

The Nervos Info Pill Series — 7

The Nervos Network is designed to be a highly secure blockchain platform. It uses a unique economic model called the “cell model” to provide security to the network, which is different from the traditional UTXO-based model used in Bitcoin and other blockchain networks.

In the cell model, each transaction on the network is stored in a “cell,” which contains a state machine that enforces the transaction’s rules. This provides a high level of security and makes the network more resistant to attacks.

Furthermore, the Nervos Network uses a layered architecture to provide additional security. The network is divided into two layers: the “verification layer” and the “computing layer.”

The verification layer is responsible for verifying transactions and ensuring that they meet the network’s rules and requirements. This layer is secured by a proof-of-work consensus mechanism, which requires nodes on the network to perform complex calculations to validate transactions.

The computing layer is where smart contracts are executed. This layer is separated from the verification layer to prevent smart contract vulnerabilities from affecting the overall security of the network.

Additionally, the Nervos Network has a bug bounty program that incentivizes developers and security researchers to identify and report potential security vulnerabilities in the network. This helps to ensure that any security issues are identified and addressed quickly.

Overall, the Nervos Network is designed to be a highly secure blockchain platform that is resistant to attacks and provides a high level.


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